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Jennifer Jordan

Kick Like a Girl

25 years after Title IX, 8 year old girls are breaking new ground!
Kick Like a Girl Photo of Lizzie Mackenzie, courtesy Kick Like a Girl.

Kick Like A Girl is the story of what happens when "The Mighty Cheetahs," an undefeated third grade all-girls soccer team, competes in the boys division. With humor and candor this award-winning documentary gets at the heart of the boy-girl conundrum by revealing that for these soccer kids, "kick like a girl" can be the greatest compliment, on and off the playing field.

From the opening frame, we meet The Mighty Cheetahs and their tiny leader, Lizzie.  Through her sardonic and pugnacious narration, we see who these 8-year-old girls really are and what makes them tick. In particular we learn that Lizzie is a fierce competitor as well as a stand-up comic who doesn't let anything, including boys twice her size and juvenile diabetes, interfere with her fire to win.  


The heart of Kick Like A Girl is these pint-size ambassadors and how they are single-handedly changing an insult into a compliment through sheer winning and team play. Throughout the film, the Mighty Cheetahs deliver the back-story:  They came to compete against the boys after two undefeated seasons against girls.  They simply wanted a more matched battle on the playing field. 

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The central story is how good athletic competition, team play, and personal character create limitless possibilities.  Although The Mighty Cheetahs come into the boys division undefeated against other girls teams, the boys and their parents view the new competition with open disdain, dismissing the Cheetahs as "just girls." After five straight wins, their ridicule fast becomes respect,with some boys marveling at what a little team work and a lot of heart can do. 

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In the end, both the boys and the girls realize that competition is all about hard work, fair play and great players and not their gender. It's a lesson for all of us.

Broadcast Distribution:

We are thrilled to announce that Kick Like A Girl will have it's broadcast premier on HBO in the Spring of 2009.

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"Kick Like a Girl is a beautiful film, with an inspirational message"

- Davis Guggenheim, Academy Award Winning Director

"A story like Kick Like A Girl can only open doors for other young people. Title IX has done so much but we are still fighting battles just to get girls the same opportunities on the playing fields. Kick Like a Girl shows that when girls that are given an opportunity to play, they feel better about themselves, and believe they can do anything. Isn't that what we want for children, to be able to dream and believe they can be anything they want if only given the chance?"

- Kristine Lilly, Captain US World Cup Soccer Team


Produced and co-written by Jennifer Jordan

Directed by Jenny Mackenzie

Executive Producer, Geralyn White Dreyfous